Satellite TV for developing and spreading tibetan culture.


His aim: preserve the tibetan life and tibetan culture, and make them extremely lively.


A) Programs:


Proposed programs contents :


1) Scholar programs toward the Tibetans (in tibetan, hindi, english, Chinese).


a) tibetan classes, for primary and secondary schools

b) tibetan history classes, and Tibet geography,

c) democracy classes, civic and moral instruction

d) comparative learning of the religions of the word and of their moral standards (not only Buddhism).


2) Programs toward westerners (in english, hindi, Chinese) :


a) tibetan classes (english departure)

b) classes of history and geography of Tibet (made by great professors, helped or not with documentaries and films).



3) programs toward Tibetan adults(in Tibetan eventually subtitle in english) :


a) retransmission of the debates of the Tibetan parliament (of Dharamsala)

b) messages of Tibetan authorities (of tibetan parliament, of 1st minister, of his holiness Dalai-lama ...)

c) tolerant religious broadcasts (and classes of) Buddhism, Christianism, Hinduism, Muslims by great recognized religious authorities (Rimpoches ...) ...

d) informations news in tibetan (sub-title in english), on the world news, with, also, news on Tibet and the Tibetan community in the world (at the end of this TV news, some messages of this regional communities _ good news, demands of helps ...).

e) commentaries, reports filmed in the world tibetan communities (on the board of Tibet, and other continents ...), explaining theirs problems, hopes ...

f) direct / on-line debates, on any subjects (religious, on tibetan issues, on the solutions for the Tibet issue, on torture, on human rights, on democracy, la colonisation ... emissions / broadcasts made with a lot of objectivity and serious ...),

g) broadcasts on Tibetan culture, made by great professors and erudites.

h) films in Tibetan, or film on Tibet, sub-title in Tibetan and English, local products of tele-films, relating stories of "Unsung heroes", or on peoples of the dimension of Taknak Jigme Sangpo, of Palden Gyatso, of Ngawang Sangdrol, of Pachen Lama ... (in English, then in Tibetan ..),

    i) musical broadcasts (songs, dances, Tibetan operas of TIPA ...), cultural broadcasts.


The grid of the programs, the content of the broadcasts, the selected persons invited on the "Tibet Channel TV" will be verified by an height (and ethic) authority on the TV programs and grid, composed by about ten "wises men", recognized by theirs moral (and ethic) qualities, their intellectual honesty, their rightness, their competence in the domain of audio-visual.


B) Means necessary to put in place such a television :


1) To see if Chineses can disturb this channel ( a big technical studies, with satellite and TV specialists, to find how Chineses can impeach this TIBET CHANNEL to work _ sending waves to disturb this channel, key protect on TV decoders, or on TV) ...

2) Studies international laws in order that this Channel exists, and to avoid that Chineses can disturb this Channel.

3) find a not reserved channel on a satellite of TV, placed upon India or Persic Gulf (or placed on geostationary orbit on India and Tibet),

4) find finances, by donations, commercials (donations by Hollywood actors _ Richard Geere, Jody Forster ... _, by Japanese philanthropic associations or TV  ..)


1) Find Finances :


Demand/ask the support and sponsor of this TV, by other TV Channel (ARTE, TV5 Europe, NHK, ), and obtqin their help _ councils, financial, gift of material _ in order to create this TV.

Make the tour of the western capitals for finding the donations, gift of equipments, for finances, for finding the advertisers for the commercials. make the donators, honor members of this TV.

Having a chairman board, with accountants, for the choice and the financial management, pour the investissements, and the audio-visual orientations (choice of the programs, of the grid, in relationship with the "height ethic authority").

Having a Web site, to announce the project, and collect the gifts.


Differents ideas to finance this TV :


a) Charity galas, with the Jet Set, fans of Tibet (with Hollywood actors  ...),

b) Contact Lyon's Club, Rotary Club, Franc-Massonnery, Rosicrucians ... with a serious and complete financial file,

c) subscription of the Tibet support association (eventually by Buddhist associations), with annual subscription, with a kind of "Blue Book".

d) To obtain documentaries, films, broadcast free of right and taxes, from the others TV.

e) Commercials coming from all the world (natural products, bio products, books, ...) _ for these commercials, we must create an office of verifying and validation of these commercials, to avoid lying commercials.


2) Equipments and others pre-requisites:


a) train a cameramen team, light men, sound men's, films mounting mens  ...

b) having English-Tibetan, Chinese-Tibetan translators ...

c) having script mens (or scripts girls ..)

d) having good reporters working in "Tibet Channel TV" (trained in good journalist school, or coming from good TV, having a good CV, or working in other TV or radio, as Radio Free Asia, ...),

e) having tri-CCD DV cameras,

f) having recording studio,

g) having a mounting studio for films,

h) find, in the world, films on Tibet (old, recents), getting free rights for their broadcast on "TIBET Channel", translate them in English and Tibetan (eventually in Chinese ...)

i) create a documentation with DV / DVD / CD / VHS / Betacam librairy, with a documentalist (with a place and equipment of duplication). Archives of documentations on Tibetan culture ...

h) having a wb site with newsgroups, receiving the councils, suggestions on the evolutions, the quality of this TV, sent by tele viewers ... (web site made by friend of TIBET Channel. Create an association of the Friends of "Tibet Channel").

i) made that each Tibetan school and each Tibetan colony participate to this TV , by sending news, suggestions. Each community hall will be equipped of a TV, and a parabolic set for receiving this channel.

j) To inform regularly the teacher of local school of the Scholar TV program of the TIBET CHANNEL. Teach this TV culture to this teachers.

k) train electronician technicians, electrotechnician of maintening (of this TV), to know how to repair, by themself, their equipment, even if by fortune means ( wires, ropes .. ).

l) Having "undulators", diesel "generators" (redresors, ondulators ...), and helping batteries _ UPS, safe AC current, because of the frequent current cuts in India.

m) Having, of course, a TV Building

n) Having security guards.