5 pro-Tibetan actions in France


To  all pro-Tibetan associations,

Dear Friends,

. In order that the Tibet occupies the front of the scene in France,
. To make participate together French associations on concerted actions,
. To help the Tibetans and the Tibetan populations.

> Here is Schedule foreseen by 5 pro-Tibetan actions in France :

Note : The precise description of these projects bellow, is under
the shape of downloadable files, in french, on the site:


1. Project to provide high quality plastic films to insulate habitations in Zangskar :

Descr.: Action of durable development.
Budget : not evaluated precisely, since the needs are extremely high.
Time frame : immediate.

2. Flame of Hope for Democracy and Human Rights in China :

Descr. : The project consists of organising a mass marathon from
         Copenhagen to Rome. It should take 58
         days. The starting point can also be Amsterdam
         which means lesser days for marathon. The runners will
         carry a torch with one flame symbolizing freedom.
Budget : considerable and to be self-financed by the
         would-be participants. To seek help from
         NGOs, TSGs etc...
Time frame : before 2008 Olympic Games in China.

3. Marathon for Democracy in Tibet and China :

Descr.: 23 days run from La Rochelle (Atlantic sea town of
        western France) to Geneva
Budget : 15 Euros per day per head, to be self-financed
         by the would-be participants.
Time frame : No time frame.

4. European Tour of TYC :

Descr. : Coming of Mr. Kalsang Phuntsok, president of the TYC,
         for a serie of conferences, on the TYC, in France
Time frame : avril 2005
Budget : 1220 Euros (non inclusive of within Europe expenses).
         To bring 3 TYC members from India for this budget (max).
Needs  : Seek coordination for their trip in Europe
         (after french TYC tour), through TSG networks.

5. March for Tibet in the Pyrenean mountains :

Descr. : 42 days march in the Pyrenean mountain chains (bordering Spain)
Budget : to be self-financed by the would-be participants.
Time frame : No precise time frame. Probably july-august 2006.


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Do not hesitate to speak about them, around you. Thank you.